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Utility Equipment Outfitters (UEO) is a one stop shop for parts, tools and accessories for the powerline professional. With an extensive selection of repair parts, tools and accessories, UEO provides total job-site solutions for safety accessories, auger rentals, hydraulic tooling, roping needs, and much more! NESCO’s large geographical footprint allows UEO to warehouse and stock what you need in-house, making the ordering process fast and easy. For your convenience, UEO provides total flexibility in outfitting your trucks and crews and offers a variety of customizable toolkits. UEO also understands the pressures of cash allocation, so all toolkits are available for order using our handy installment purchase plan.
In June of 2018, NESCO Specialty Rentals acquired N&L Line Equipment. For a complete listing of N&L products, offered through NESCO, visit www.linemansequipment.com.

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