2-Rail HD Ladder



Most of the core concepts in the design of our 2-Rail ladders come from our long history in the fiberglass testing and refurbishment industry. Years of experience in fixing these ladders have given us the complete picture on what works on these types of tools and what tends to break or fail. With that in mind, we set about making a ladder that has all of the strengths of the historical designs but none of the weaknesses. As with all of our tools, the first thing we fixed was the fiberglass. Thick-walled, moisture resistant, with high epoxy content, our fiberglass is exceptionally sturdy and hard to break. We beefed up the rungs next, added the best non-slip coating in the industry, and then finished up by sourcing only Grade 8 or Stainless-Steel hardware for our lifting eyes and hooks. The result is a ladder that works, and will continue to work long after the competing designs have been sent in for repair or thrown in the scrap pile.


- Custom built to any length
- up to 30’
- Constructed with our heavy-wall fiberglass for increased rigidity and durability
- Durable, dielectric, non-slip coating on every rung
- All hardware is either Grade 8 Steel or Stainless Steel for maximum strength and durability
- 1” High-Carbon Steel Rungs ensure that
the rungs will never bend or warp
- Safety chains and hooks are rated at
5,000lbs – highest in the industry
- Built to meet or exceed all applicable
ASTM and OSHA standards,
including F711
- 1,250lbs working load

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