Helicopter Single Block (BTTV-31)


The BTTV-31 Series Blocks have an extra-large contoured throat design which allows for safe, smooth passage of swivels, grips, splices and twisted pair conductors (T2 or VR2 ). This series has an optional bolt on stand accessory to further enhance the versatility of the block. Not only will the stand allow the block to be placed upright, but also allows it to be secured at an angle for corners. This block has a highly-visible, easily removable fly arm. The BTTV-31 sheaves are available in both polished aluminum and urethane lined ranging in size from 10” to 46”. The Helicopter Single Block is available with a spring-loaded grounding arm and roller


- Sheave: Polished Aluminum, Urethane Lined
- Latch: Spring-Loaded Gate
- Sheave OD: 10”- 46”

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