Fastrap Cross Arm Bracket

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About the Fastrap™ Universal Cross-Arm Bracket
The Sherman Reilly Fastrap™ Universal Cross-Arm Bracket is a tool that is used to mount any XS-100-style stringing block to any common cross-arm, regardless of its size and regardless of materials. The Fastrap™ embodies a revolutionary approach to an industry-standard system. By employing an adjustable strap to a sturdy base, combined with a ratchet-lever tightener, the Fastrap™ bracket can be mounted and dismounted in less than half the time, with far less fuss and fumbling, and be far more secure than an ordinary bracket.

The Fastrap™ is complete in itself, requiring no other tools to mount or dismount. Because it is a single model that can accommodate almost any distribution-class block, and because it can accommodate any common size of cross-arm or material, the Fastrap™ is likely the only cross-arm bracket that needs to be carried.