6' x 2.5" Transmission HD Extension Arm w/ Insulators


For our customers that would rather have their extension arms have specific uses, NESCO offers our Heavy-Duty Extension Arms with either a large-capacity (Transmission) or standard-capacity (Distribution) hanger. Built with the same materials and to the same stringent quality standards as our NL3490U, these arms have the highest weight capacity in the industry. Couple that with a durability that is simply unmatched, our arms are by far the most cost-effective solution on the market for re-conductoring and other temporary conductor support applications.


- 2.50” Diameter Thick
-Walled Fiberglass
- Insulating value of 100kV per foot dry, 75kV per foot wet
- 300lbs per wire holder (600lbs total working load)
- 34.5kV Insulation Rating when using NLINSU Insulators
- Standard Package: 1
- Minimum Order Quantity: 1

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