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Utility Equipment Outfitters… The leading edge of tool innovation.

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nesco partsUtility Equipment Outfitters (UEO) is the parts, tools and accessories division of NESCO Rentals. UEO was the natural progression of NESCO Rentals becoming a one-stop shop to service all the needs of the Electrical Utility Industry. NESCO is known to be a leader in the trucks and equipment needed to get the job done right, but utility construction is so much more than trucks and pullers. It is all the little pieces that when put in the hands of highly skilled lineman, which makes the task of safely controlling high voltage electricity possible. This is where the experience of the UEO sales team having years of service in the industry comes into full view.

There are a numerous places in which to buy hand tools, hot tools, repair parts and the various accessories needed to outfit the equipment. UEO has the ability to not only compete with every other tool vendor for the common items, but we lead the way in bringing new items into the market place that make the work safer, easier and faster. The key to this industry is being efficient while maintaining safety; therefore, we look for new innovative tools that help make this possible.

The All-in-One Auger tool allows lineman to install screw in augers without having to remove the auger. This is much safer, no one has to climb the auger to unpin it, and you don’t have to worry the auger falling over from not being in the ground deep enough, or having it tied to the side of the truck.

The Ladder Pad has finally allowed a way for workers to be safe while working from a ladder. Its innovative design allows it to be attached to the ladder and anchored in to the ground. Giving unprecedented safety and security to anyone using a ladder.

The Latchway Personal Rescue Device (PRD) is a bucket harness that allows an individual to rescue themselves from as high as 65 feet above the ground. It is a simple harness with an amazing ability to safely lower the worker to the ground. There are other bucket rescue devices that require annual training, but in a moment of panic or extreme stress, remembering protocols is difficult. With the Latchway there are no “steps” you simply clear yourself from the bucket and pull the ripcord. As a famous boxer once said “everyone has a plan till they get hit in the mouth”, 65 feet above the ground is not the time to try to remember the plan.

The Rhino gasoline powered ground rod driver in conjunction with the Ground Rod Driver Adapter allows one worker to install ground rods anywhere by themselves without the use of a ladder or aerial device. The Ground Rod adapter clamps onto the ground rod at shoulder level and allows the Rhino to be used where the worker can safely hold it without strain and allow the driver to do the work. It can also be used upside-down to remove ground rods installed as temporaries.

These are just a small sampling of the way NESCO and Utility Equipment Outfitters is working to make the jobs and lives of the workers of this industry safer, easier, and more efficient. Contact your UEO representative and allow us to demo these innovative tools and show you the UEO difference.

The Mini Digger Backyard Machine Revolution

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Prior to 1992 the primary need for backyard machines was to change out of pad mount transformers from residential properties. Theirman was the only company manufacturing these units. The machine used counterweights to maintain its stability. Counterweights were also used on the pole to keep it stable while it was raised vertically. This was a difficult task due to limited access in residential areas where most transformers and poles were in fenced back yard areas. In 1991 an Indiana Michigan Power (IMP) employee crossed paths with a sewer jet machine that was designed and used to rod and view sewer lines. The employee made a suggestion to add a “boom” to the self-propelled sewer jet machine, making it ideal for backyard easement work. SDP Manufacturing engineered a boom and the very first full-fledged backyard machine. The machine was capable of setting pole and transformers in a backyard easement without the use of counterweights. A small-wheeled machine was manufactured with a small crane mounted to it named an EZ Hauler. The very first machine was sold to Southern Indiana Gas & Electric, now known as “Vectren”. As the EZ Haulers evolved, so did the need for auguring holes and setting utility poles for utility crews. The electrical utility industry required a machine that had the ability to move and change out pad mount transformers and place utility poles. The work required a machine that also was agile enough to fit through a standard 36” backyard gate and minimize damage to residential yards. The task was accomplished with using removable wheels to make the unit narrow enough to fit through the 36” gate opening. Stability to lift a utility pole was accomplished with fold out arms and screw type jacks. The Mini Digger Derrick increased utility crew’s efficiency greatly by reducing the amount of time needed on the job causing less damage while performing the job and performing the task much safer.

The Mini Digger Derrick evolved with the utility industry. Limited access areas were no longer seen as a challenge as the potential of these small machines became realized. The overall size of these machines increased as larger and taller utility poles were being used in limited access areas. Removable wheels evolved into hydraulically retracted tracks and manual outriggers evolved into hydraulically operated units. The Mini Digger Derrick has acquired nearly all the features and functions of a full-size truck mounted digger derrick, while being able to accomplish the original goal of fitting through a limited opening and limiting property damage. Need drives innovation and the Mini Digger Derrick has fulfilled a need and revolutionized utility industry practices.

NESCO Rentals… your Solution Provider of Rental Equipment

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NESCO Rentals is your premier provider of the most diverse rental fleet equipment in the North America and Mexico. With four business divisions NESCO has the ability to provide it’s customers with solutions they require to maximize their efficiencies and complete their jobs on time.

UTILITY specializes in the transmission and distribution industries.

SPECIALTY specializes in the rail, lighting, sign and telecom industries.

UTILITY EQUIPMENT OUTFITTERS (UEO) specializes in parts, tools and accessories.

RENTA serves NESCO customers in Mexico.

All of this starts behind the scenes with NESCO’s dedicated teams designed to provide customers a seamless rental transaction. Each rental teams consist of a multi-layer approach to ensure superior customer support.

The Utility T&D division has 13 territory managers strategically located all across the United States. To provide superior support, NESCO has two additional internal positions that assist the territory manager with locating equipment, determining transport costs and communicating with the customer.

NESCO continues this support with a 24/7 service support staff. With over 50 service locations and factory-trained technicians in the field, NESCO can guarantee minimized downtime so customers can focus on getting their job done on time.

Contact your Territory Manager next time your job requires rental equipment – NESCO looks forward to being your partner and solution provider.


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track systemFor years, the electric utility industry’s only solution to address problematic ground conditions was with a track unit. Right Track System addressed this issue with a patented design that gives users an opportunity to efficiently operate machinery on jobsites where extreme ground conditions exist. In 2011 the company launched its product line in the United States. NESCO Rentals seized the opportunity to become the exclusive rental distributor for the integrated rubber tracks.

Right Track System manufactures over-the-tire rubber tracks for off-road and over the road equipment. The tracks are custom made to fit any size tire and have the ability to be rebuilt. This means that once the outside tread has worn down it can be replaced, without having to dispose of the entire track.

Whether servicing transmission lines in the spring, or running down lines in the winter, installation of the tandem axle truck tracks dramatically improve the efficiency of the unit. Right Track’s tandem axel truck has 30” tracks, which are designed to increase floatation by over 400%. This reduces ground pressure to half of what a floatation tire provides. The added flotation prevents tire sinkage and allows 2” heavy-duty grouser/tread design to maneuver equipment in most off road situations.

The modular design allows variation in styles and depths of grousers. Some of the designs include heavy-duty ice cleats for cold weather and 2” grousers for loose mud and sand. All of the tracks are made with 1250 – 1500 lbs of heavy-duty conveyor belting. This belting is 5 times the strength of a standard truck tire. This gives customers an advantage while working on sites with loose debris or terrain where sidewall and tread tire damage are possible.

Right Tracks can be installed for an entire unit in as little as 2 hours and removed in a few minutes by experienced users. The convenience makes this product very easy to work with in the field. The Right Track System is designed for off-road use only; but can drive over short distances on asphalt or concrete roadways without damaging the road surface or the tracks. The weight of the total system is around 3600 lbs., which can be loaded on the bed of a unit or trailered behind a unit.

NESCO Rentals has various models of equipment modified and rent-ready to accept the Right Track System. NESCO territory managers can help you customize your own equipment to accept the Right Track System. A call to your NESCO rental representative will start the process today.

10 Ways NESCO Rentals Can Help Make Your Job Easier

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 1. NESCO maintains a fleet of several thousand pieces of equipment in North America and Mexico.
We carry bucket trucks, digger derricks, cranes and boom trucks, pullers & tensioners, stringing equipment and more.

 2. We have 65 service locations across the North America as well as mobile on-site technicians to help.
Whether at “home” or on the road NESCO has you covered.

 3. NESCO is responsive to your needs.
You can request a quote via email, website and phone. Our goal is to return your call within 30 minutes, every time. We have designed a system that allows us to return calls quickly, by your territory manager directly or their internal support team.

 4. Utility Equipment Outfitters (UEO)a division of NESCO that focuses on the parts, tools and accessories for the job.
You can order the tools needed to outfit your rental truck so that it is “ready to use” when it arrives at your location. Own bucket trucks or digger derricks? You can order what you need to complete your job. NESCO is a “one stop shop.”

 5. NESCO Specialty Rentals the newest NESCO division and focuses on the Rail, Light, Sign, and Telecommunication markets.
We have the fleet and sales expertise to help you plan and order the right equipment for your job. The same extensive NESCO service infrastructure is there to support you as well.

 6. Expertise
NESCO has been in the rental business for nearly 30 years. NESCO’s territory managers are industry veterans who understand your business and will consult with you to get the right equipment for the job. Our service team is also well trained and experienced in the equipment we rent.

 7. The Right Track system.
NESCO Rentals is the exclusive dealer for the over-the-tire rubber tracks that allow off-road and over the road equipment to perform in rough terrain. The Right Track system is available for rent or purchase.

 8. We have stringing blocks for sale or rent.
We carry Sherman & Reilly, and Bethea. If you’re looking for a more economical choice, we also have a selection of high quality used blocks for sale.

 9. NESCO also offers financing services via NESCO Financial Services.
Available lease and loan options include, TRAC Leasing, Spilt TRAC Leasing, Fair Market Value Leasing, and Loans. If you need financing please contact a NESCO representative for details.

10. In the market to buy used equipment?
NESCO can help with a wide selection of used equipment to help with your fleet needs.

NESCO Specialty Rentals at NRC

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nesco special utility rentalsNESCO Specialty Rentals will be exhibiting with Telogis in Booth 424 at the NRC Conference in Bacon Raton, Florida, January 8-11.

Check out our Facebook event to stay up to date.

NESCO Specialty Rentals will be hosting the Welcome Reception
Sunday, January 8 4:30PM – 7:30PM in the Grand Ballroom.

NESCO, LLC announces Acquisition of V&H Inc. Leasing Services

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Railroad tracks running through Turnagain Arm, Alaska

NESCO, LLC announced today that it has acquired V&H Leasing Services from V&H Inc. This acquisition will bring V&H’s rail rental business to NESCO’s newest division, NESCO Specialty Rentals. NESCO created the Specialty Rentals division in January to focus its equipment offerings in the rail, lighting, sign, telecom, as well as other specialized industries.  The acquisition will make the NESCO Specialty rail rental fleet the second largest rental fleet serving the rail industry. In addition, NESCO and V&H have entered into a new equipment supply and fleet services agreement. NESCO will gain the coverage of V&H’s service support and repair facilities ensuring customers that they will continue to get the service they have come to expect, while also expanding nationwide through NESCO’s large service footprint. V&H brings fifty years of rail industry upfit and service experience to this Supply Agreement.

“We are thrilled to have acquired V&H’s rental business and equally excited about the opportunity to partner with them on the supply of equipment and service for our rental fleet, ” said Lee Jacobson CEO of NESCO. “The acquisition creates a fleet size that will allow us to address the rental needs of any customer in the industry, renting high quality equipment manufactured by V&H”.

“This is an exciting opportunity to grow our Specialty Rental business. The agreement allows us to continue to partner with V&H as our upfitter and service provider while we focus our efforts to grow our rental business.  This provides us with a great advantage as it will increase our national footprint with quality equipment and best in class service.” said Tim Bryan, President of NESCO Specialty Rentals.

NESCO Specialty Rentals, a division of NESCO Rentals, specializes in the rail, lighting, sign and telecom industries. We provide quality machinery and professional expertise throughout our service and rental divisions located in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

NESCO Rentals is a leading equipment and service provider for the utility industry, providing aerial devices, boom trucks and cranes, diggers, pressure drills, stringing gear, repair parts, tools and accessories. NESCO maintains one of the industry’s largest rental fleets and service networks in the country.

V&H Inc. is one of America’s top material handling truck equipment manufacturers. We specialize in building heavy-duty vocational trucks for the Building Products, Railroad, and Commercial markets. Our team provides the best in design, engineering, and manufacturing at each of our four facilities in the U.S. Our product line includes cranes, dumps, loaders, tanks, and a variety of commercial truck body equipment. “The V&H organization is excited about our opportunity to partner with Nesco. We look forward to a long-term partnership, with a company like NESCO, to help grow our businesses together.” Said Terry Frankland, President of V&H Inc.

NESCO, LLC announces service and supply agreement with Manitex International’s Crane and Machinery Division

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NESCO, LLC announces service and supply agreement with Manitex International’s Crane and Machinery Division

Fort Wayne, Indiana, Tuesday, July 12, 2016, NESCO, LLC announced today, a new service and supply business agreement with Manitex International’s Crane and Machinery Division for the Chicago and surrounding region The creation of an additional service and sales location in the Chicago area will allow NESCO to better serve their customers in the fast growing metro area.

Manitex International, Inc. is a leading provider of engineered lifting solutions including cranes, rough terrain forklifts, reach stackers and container handling equipment and special mission oriented vehicles, including parts and service support. Steve Kiefer, EVP of Sales and Marketing, of Manitex International said, “We are pleased to support NESCO’s growth in the Chicago area through the extensive service and support capabilities of Manitex International’s Crane and Machinery Division. The Crane & Machinery team has a long history of providing exceptional support to Manitex dealers and customers in the Chicago area, and is excited to utilize their considerable resources to successfully serve NESCO and their customers.”

NESCO Specialty Rentals, a division of NESCO, LLC specializes in fleet solutions for the rail, lighting, sign and telecommunication markets, Tim Bryan, President of NESCO Specialty Rentals states, “We are very excited to begin our relationship with Manitex International. Expanding to the Chicago area will give us the ability to serve one of the largest rail and telecommunications markets in the United States. This is a great opportunity for us to become the leading provider of specialty fleet in the growing rail and telecom industries.”

Lee Jacobson, CEO of NESCO, LLC is pleased about the sales and service agreement with Manitex International stating, “They make great crane products that will help us address the needs of our new NESCO Specialty Rentals customers, as well as our core transmission and distribution customer base. Establishing a service base in the Chicago market is a win for our regional customer base.”