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NESCO Specialty Rentals Named Finalist in 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards

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Fort Wayne, IN—May 8, 2019— NESCO Specialty Rentals announced it is a finalist in the 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards in the Industry Breakthroughs – Energy Category.

The Nintex Solution Innovation Awards recognize customer organizations who are driving impactful and innovative business solutions leveraging the powerful and easy-to-use Nintex Platform.

“Nintex is honored to recognize NESCO Specialty Rentals as a 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Award finalist,” said Nintex Chief Customer Officer Josh Waldo. “We were truly impressed by the innovative ways organizations are using the Nintex Platform to improve the way people work and drive impactful business results.”

“NESCO needed to strengthen our business controls around the updating of data regarding our company financials in our ERP system,” said NESCO IT Director, Matt Brown. “The problem that we needed to solve was ensuring that postings to the MAS General Ledger by the accounting team were controlled in a manner that we could prove that they were reviewed & approved by the appropriate personnel on the team, while eliminating the ability for any team members to manually post to the system. This was accomplished by developing an automated workflow that the accounting team uses to submit journal entries that need to be posted for review. NESCO utilizes the Nintex workflow application in our SharePoint environment to route the requests to the appropriate resources and captures their approval or rejection of the proposed journal entries to be made in SharePoint as evidence needed to retain for auditing purposes. If a submitted request is approved, our workflow calls a web service application that automatically posts the entries into MAS. This not only has speed up the month-end accounting processes but has allowed us to disable manual updates to the General Ledger and retain the auditing evidence required.”

Award finalists were selected based on nominations submitted by Nintex customers and partners earlier this year. Nominations were open to every organization that turns to Nintex capabilities for successfully managing, automating and optimizing a wide-range of business processes including visual process mapping – Nintex Promapp™, process intelligence – Nintex Process Intelligence, Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, Nintex Mobile, Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce, and Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation.

The worldwide winners of 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards will be announced on June 3, 2019 and will also be celebrated at the 2019 Nintex ProcessFest conference in Bellevue, Wash., Sept. 30 – October 3, 2019, at the W Hotel.

About NESCO Specialty Rentals:
NESCO provides everything the utility, telecom and rail professional needs to get the job done from aerial lifts, cranes, diggers and stringing gear to blocks, aftermarket parts, tools and accessories. NESCO maintains one of the industry’s largest rental fleets and service networks in the country. With over 50 locations in the U.S. and Canada, 30+ years of industry experience, and as an authorized distributor for your most trusted manufacturers: Terex, Hogg & Davis, Versalift, ETI and Manitex to name a few; NESCO’s extensive fleet and knowledgeable staff offer the right specialty rental equipment and service you need to get the job done. For more information, visit

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Matt Brown, IT Director
6714 Pointe Inverness Way, Suite 220 | Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Utility Equipment Outfitters… The leading edge of tool innovation.

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nesco partsUtility Equipment Outfitters (UEO) is the parts, tools and accessories division of NESCO Rentals. UEO was the natural progression of NESCO Rentals becoming a one-stop shop to service all the needs of the Electrical Utility Industry. NESCO is known to be a leader in the trucks and equipment needed to get the job done right, but utility construction is so much more than trucks and pullers. It is all the little pieces that when put in the hands of highly skilled lineman, which makes the task of safely controlling high voltage electricity possible. This is where the experience of the UEO sales team having years of service in the industry comes into full view.

There are a numerous places in which to buy hand tools, hot tools, repair parts and the various accessories needed to outfit the equipment. UEO has the ability to not only compete with every other tool vendor for the common items, but we lead the way in bringing new items into the market place that make the work safer, easier and faster. The key to this industry is being efficient while maintaining safety; therefore, we look for new innovative tools that help make this possible.

The All-in-One Auger tool allows lineman to install screw in augers without having to remove the auger. This is much safer, no one has to climb the auger to unpin it, and you don’t have to worry the auger falling over from not being in the ground deep enough, or having it tied to the side of the truck.

The Ladder Pad has finally allowed a way for workers to be safe while working from a ladder. Its innovative design allows it to be attached to the ladder and anchored in to the ground. Giving unprecedented safety and security to anyone using a ladder.

The Latchway Personal Rescue Device (PRD) is a bucket harness that allows an individual to rescue themselves from as high as 65 feet above the ground. It is a simple harness with an amazing ability to safely lower the worker to the ground. There are other bucket rescue devices that require annual training, but in a moment of panic or extreme stress, remembering protocols is difficult. With the Latchway there are no “steps” you simply clear yourself from the bucket and pull the ripcord. As a famous boxer once said “everyone has a plan till they get hit in the mouth”, 65 feet above the ground is not the time to try to remember the plan.

The Rhino gasoline powered ground rod driver in conjunction with the Ground Rod Driver Adapter allows one worker to install ground rods anywhere by themselves without the use of a ladder or aerial device. The Ground Rod adapter clamps onto the ground rod at shoulder level and allows the Rhino to be used where the worker can safely hold it without strain and allow the driver to do the work. It can also be used upside-down to remove ground rods installed as temporaries.

These are just a small sampling of the way NESCO and Utility Equipment Outfitters is working to make the jobs and lives of the workers of this industry safer, easier, and more efficient. Contact your UEO representative and allow us to demo these innovative tools and show you the UEO difference.