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December 2017

NESCO Rentals Drive to Achieve Zero Harm

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Zero Injuries. Zero property damage. Zero negative affects to customers and the environment.
ZERO HARM. This is our safety initiative at NESCO Rentals.

Achieving ZERO HARM is a journey. The entire NESCO team is committed to creating a safe work environment which benefits employees and customers.  The NESCO Safety Program consist of many tools. The greatest tool is the SLAM process.

SLAM: Stop. Look. Assess. Manage. This very simple risk assessment is what NESCO team members use at start of every work day and before starting a new task. Thinking about hazards associated with a job and managing risk to reduce injury are key parts of SLAM.

NESCO Team Members need to ask themselves these five questions:
1. How can I be injured?
2. How can others be injured?
3. How can equipment be damaged?
4. What is the safe, productive and quality way to do the job?
5. What information do I need?

This check list keeps the team focused on a task and what it takes to complete it safely.

Weekly safety huddles and alerts, shared learning, training, process and policies keep employees on track to achieve ZERO HARM, using the process of SLAM. At NESCO we strive to be the employer of choice and specialty equipment vendor of choice. We do all this with one thing in mind… ACHIEVING ZERO HARM!


Joe Dixon is the Safety Manager for NESCO Rentals