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August 2017

NESCO Night with V&H Trucks at Hotel Tango!

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We are so excited about NESCO Night with the support of our partners at V&H Trucks! Networking, food and a mixology class. Why haven’t you RSVPED yet?!

REMSA sponsors the largest exhibit of maintenance-of-way equipment, products and services in the United States. It’s members exhibit rail and track products, track maintenance equipment and services, safety devices and software that enables the railroad industry to work smarter.

Railway Interchange showcase the latest technology in the rail industry with freight railroad executives, operating officers, transportation officials and a large number of rail supply companies from the mechanical, communications and signaling and railway maintenance industries as attendees.

NESCO Specialty Rentals is a division of NESCO Rentals specializing the rail, lighting, sign and telecom industries.

Samson Rope

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Rope Handling/Usage and Splice Instructions
There are many factors that impact the life of a rope in use.  Maximizing rope performance and safety starts by choosing the right rope, followed by education in handling during its use, and retiring it from service at the right time to maximize value without risking safety.  Ropes are serious working tools, and when used properly, will give consistent and reliable service. The cost of replacing a rope is extremely small when compared to the cost of personal injury or property damage.  It is important to be educated on best practice and industry standards for rope handling.  The beginning and end of knowing your rope is, literally, your termination.

Samson recommends splicing as the preferred rope termination method. Knots can significantly decrease a rope’s strength – up to 50% – while most splices maintain 100% of the specified rope strength. For this reason, spliced eyes are used to determine all Samson specs for tensile strengths for new rope.  More importantly, splicing for stringing and pulling lines, winch lines, and hand lines allow the ropes to be easily integrated into existing equipment, and allows for rapid repair in the field.

Because splicing is so important for rope user’s success, Samson maintains a library of video and written splice instructions on their website.  In keeping with Samson’s history of innovation, safety, and constant improvement, Samson has released updates to their written and video splice instructions in July, 2017.

Samson & NESCO
NESCO and Samson have enjoyed a partnership for more than 15 years, working together to supply the utility industry.  For more information about Samson products, please contact your NESCO UEO Representative.