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July 2017

Customer Service – Value That You Can’t Quantify

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Recently, I replaced my twelve-year-old truck with a brand new one.   The day I was out looking I had no intention of buying a vehicle, much less a new one.  I swear I was just “looking”. However, as I was driving through the lot, I spotted it.   It had the look, the options, everything I wanted.  It was almost like it found me, but I still had reservations.

A sales representative approached me and I thought to myself, ‘oh boy, here I go, I am about to get the sales pitch of my life’.   To my surprise, the rep asked if he could help me, if I had any questions, as I was walking around the truck.  I never felt once pressured.   We looked the truck over and visited for a while.  He asked me if I would like to drive and check it out, so we did.   As we were driving it, he explained to me how things would work, if there were any issues with the truck and how things would go. We came back to the lot after the test drive.  His manager came over and asked me how I liked it. Again, never putting any type of pressure on me.   I felt at ease.   We went inside and talked numbers and I drove out with a new truck that day.

During the negotiations, I wanted a few options added to it, like a sunroof and bed cover.   It was going to take a week or so to get the parts needed for the options.  I thought ‘Well, we will see if my sales rep was blowing smoke’ or truly would do what he promised by walking me through the steps one by one even after he had my signature on the dotted line, and my money.   To my surprise he did EXACTLY what he said he would do.  He arranged for everything to be done on a certain date, told me to drop it off, and he would have a loaner car for me to use.   He took me around to each location at the dealership introducing me to the people who would be working on it.  He went above and beyond what he promised me while trying to sell me the truck.   The truck was completed in the time he had promised.  I could not have been happier.

That is what TRUE customer service means–you do what you say will do–go above and beyond even after the sale is complete to take care of your customer.   At NESCO, we absolutely strive to be that type of company. We want to take care of our customers, the way we want to be taken care of in our daily lives. To go above and beyond, to not only get a customer’s business one time, but earn that business and build that relationship so the customer wants to come back again and again. Customer service really is something you can’t associate a dollar amount with. However, if you are treated fairly, promised something and it actually happens, you are definitely more likely to give that company a chance when you are in the market for another truck because you were taken care of last time.

Jeremy Hanks – Southeast Territory Manager