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February 2017

The Mini Digger Backyard Machine Revolution

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Prior to 1992 the primary need for backyard machines was to change out of pad mount transformers from residential properties. Theirman was the only company manufacturing these units. The machine used counterweights to maintain its stability. Counterweights were also used on the pole to keep it stable while it was raised vertically. This was a difficult task due to limited access in residential areas where most transformers and poles were in fenced back yard areas. In 1991 an Indiana Michigan Power (IMP) employee crossed paths with a sewer jet machine that was designed and used to rod and view sewer lines. The employee made a suggestion to add a “boom” to the self-propelled sewer jet machine, making it ideal for backyard easement work. SDP Manufacturing engineered a boom and the very first full-fledged backyard machine. The machine was capable of setting pole and transformers in a backyard easement without the use of counterweights. A small-wheeled machine was manufactured with a small crane mounted to it named an EZ Hauler. The very first machine was sold to Southern Indiana Gas & Electric, now known as “Vectren”. As the EZ Haulers evolved, so did the need for auguring holes and setting utility poles for utility crews. The electrical utility industry required a machine that had the ability to move and change out pad mount transformers and place utility poles. The work required a machine that also was agile enough to fit through a standard 36” backyard gate and minimize damage to residential yards. The task was accomplished with using removable wheels to make the unit narrow enough to fit through the 36” gate opening. Stability to lift a utility pole was accomplished with fold out arms and screw type jacks. The Mini Digger Derrick increased utility crew’s efficiency greatly by reducing the amount of time needed on the job causing less damage while performing the job and performing the task much safer.

The Mini Digger Derrick evolved with the utility industry. Limited access areas were no longer seen as a challenge as the potential of these small machines became realized. The overall size of these machines increased as larger and taller utility poles were being used in limited access areas. Removable wheels evolved into hydraulically retracted tracks and manual outriggers evolved into hydraulically operated units. The Mini Digger Derrick has acquired nearly all the features and functions of a full-size truck mounted digger derrick, while being able to accomplish the original goal of fitting through a limited opening and limiting property damage. Need drives innovation and the Mini Digger Derrick has fulfilled a need and revolutionized utility industry practices.

NESCO Rentals… your Solution Provider of Rental Equipment

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NESCO Rentals is your premier provider of the most diverse rental fleet equipment in the North America and Mexico. With four business divisions NESCO has the ability to provide it’s customers with solutions they require to maximize their efficiencies and complete their jobs on time.

UTILITY specializes in the transmission and distribution industries.

SPECIALTY specializes in the rail, lighting, sign and telecom industries.

UTILITY EQUIPMENT OUTFITTERS (UEO) specializes in parts, tools and accessories.

RENTA serves NESCO customers in Mexico.

All of this starts behind the scenes with NESCO’s dedicated teams designed to provide customers a seamless rental transaction. Each rental teams consist of a multi-layer approach to ensure superior customer support.

The Utility T&D division has 13 territory managers strategically located all across the United States. To provide superior support, NESCO has two additional internal positions that assist the territory manager with locating equipment, determining transport costs and communicating with the customer.

NESCO continues this support with a 24/7 service support staff. With over 50 service locations and factory-trained technicians in the field, NESCO can guarantee minimized downtime so customers can focus on getting their job done on time.

Contact your Territory Manager next time your job requires rental equipment – NESCO looks forward to being your partner and solution provider.